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Wednesday, May 18, 2016 at 1:30 p.m. our Spring Event 2016 takes place at the 25hours Hotel Zurich West. Also this time the we prepaired an exciting program for you (Register). 





Swiss News

A tunnel, the tourism industry and a talking point

Here are the stories we'll be following the week of May 30, 2016. Monday Stevia – a Guarani miracle or nightmare? Our article looks at how demand for this zero-calorie natural origin sweetener is such that businesses are turning to synthetic biology to reproduce chemical versions of stevia. But at what cost to the Guarani people and other small producers of stevia? Tuesday Last October, the Swiss Economic Institute (KOF) said that the strength of the Swiss franc and the resulting weak domestic economy were placing strain on the Swiss tourist industry. A slight recovery was expected though in the next two years. We’ll be looking at KOF’s latest prognosis on May 31.  Wednesday The longest tunnel in the world opens on June 1. At 57 kilometres, the Gotthard’s new base tunnel will surpass Japan’s 53km Seikan tunnel. We’ll bring you all you need to know about the tunnel and the latest on the grand opening, where onlookers will ...

True or false? Sorting rumours and sifting data

Rumours spread fast on social media, and finding out what's true or false can be difficult. At we've been testing out an automated way to do exactly this, as part of a project called Pheme. We also find out how our data journalist, Duc-Quang Nguyen, finds data sources in Switzerland, and how he turns them into articles. Do you want to know how journalists sort fact from fiction at Get in touch with the producer of this programme, journalist Jo Fahy on twitter or on Facebook.

‘The Gotthard is a symbol of openness to the world’

Peter von Matt knows more about the Saint-Gotthard Massif than any other Swiss person. The author spoke to the Nordwestschweiz newspaper about the myths surrounding the Gotthard and about the Swiss urge to bore tunnels.  Von Matt, a writer and literary academic, has probably immersed himself in the Gotthard Pass more deeply than anyone else in Switzerland.  You call the Gotthard the ‘Swiss Sinai’. Why?  It is a part of the Swiss identity, and since the 18th century at the latest it has been a national symbol. In the 19th century, all the European nation states rushed to come up with national symbols that showed how unique they were and distinguished them from other countries.  The mountain is neither beautiful nor high. How did it become a Swiss myth?  It isn’t a mountain at all, it is a pass, a crossing. But even in the 18th century, the determining idea was that it is the origin of all the great currents pulsing through Europe; a heart from which ...

The story of the ballot paper

Every four years politicians and parties compete for the attention of the Swiss public in parliamentary elections. To cast their vote, citizens must use a standard ballot paper. But where do these come from and how are they produced?  In canton Bern, around 800,000 ballot papers are produced in the space of just a few weeks. When a voter receives their envelope in their letter box, little will they realise how much work is involved in producing this simple, standard document. The final ballot paper and vote documentation is a perfect example of team work between the Bern cantonal chancellery, printers, book binders, packing firms and the postal service.

Money laundering proving tough nut to crack

Despite a focused international crackdown lasting several years, the BSI bank scandal shows that the dirty stains of money laundering refuse to come out in the wash. BSI is accused in both Switzerland and Singapore of aiding and abetting large-scale corruption. The Swiss bank is one of seven being investigated by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) on similar charges. FINMA chief executive Mark Branson warned that the “risk posed by money laundering is on the increase in Switzerland”. Earlier this week FINMA shut down BSI for “serious breaches of anti-money laundering regulations” relating to the Malaysian 1MDB sovereign wealth fund. But with the scandals at world football governing body FIFA and Brazil’s Petrobras energy company still ongoing, there may well be other prosecutions. Olivier Longchamp of the Swiss anti-corruption NGO Public Eye (formerly Berne Declaration) is relieved that FINMA is showing its teeth. “It is a good signal that at ...


Short facts about us

The Association of Credit Management Switzerland counts more than 400 members and interested persons. We put our main efforts in building networks and exchanging knowledge between Credit Managers in Switzerland and beyond.


Currently there is a team of Credit Managers working on following projects :

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