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Swiss News

Swiss among European leaders for post office closures

The Swiss Post’s announcement to close 600 traditional post offices follows a trend across Europe, although there are marked differences between countries. In detailed presentations released on Wednesday, Swiss Post said it “envisages a network of 800 to 900 traditional post offices by 2020”, down from the current 1,400. The exact number will depend on the outcome of discussions held with towns and cities and the nation’s 26 cantons. “It will avoid closing post offices without replacing them and will provide alternative solutions in all cases,” said an online statement. “By 2020, around 1,200 employees could be affected by changes. Swiss Post aims to continue to avoid redundancies.” European trend The announcement comes at a time of major overhaul of postal services across Europe. Apart from Germany, which is a special case, the number of post offices dropped by almost 15% across the continent between 2000 and 2014. In Switzerland, the drop was 34%, which puts the ...

Switzerland’s endangered species on show

Rare Swiss breeds are being saved from extinction by the foundation ProSpecieRara. Every five years, animal lovers get a chance to see them up close. (Julie Hunt,  The non-profit organisation was set up in 1982 to prevent endangered species of animals, crops, fruit and vegetables from dying out. This year, breeders of endangered animals gathered in a hall in canton Aargau to show the public why they believe it is important to preserve the different species. Many of the ProSpecieRara cows, sheep, goats and chickens are smaller than fast-growing farm animals bred on a large scale since the 1930s for meat, milk and egg production. However, the traditional breeds are often more robust, well-adapted to hostile terrain and harsh climate, and are happy with grass and hay. This means they are cheaper to maintain.  More than 3,000 people and institutions are involved in the organisation’s projects. Breeders’ organisations keep registers, which show how closely animals are ...

Could quitting the ICC spell more violence in Africa?

African countries' withdrawals from the International Criminal Court are bad news and could spur a domino effect, argues Neuchâtel University's Pierre Hazan.  How things have changed! It was an African country, Senegal, that was the first in the world to ratify, on February 2, 1999, the statutes of the International Criminal Court (ICC). Driven by civil society, some 30 other African countries then followed its example in the name of fighting impunity. Many may have forgotten that this wave of ICC membership happened despite a virulent diplomatic campaign by the Bush administration, which threatened to retaliate against any non-NATO State that ratified the ICC statutes. The United States wanted to see the Court die, and yet the majority of African States joined it on a wave of public support. Sixteen years later, the hopes that civil society placed in the ICC have been dampened. No doubt the Court, by simply existing, has helped a ...

Dear Swiss living abroad…

We’ve set up an Instagram account for you! Please share your pictures using the hashtag #WeAreSwissAbroad. People love to hear about emigrants, as evidenced by the popularity of the documentary series Auf und davon (Up and away) on Swiss public television, SRF. The focus there is on big emotions and potentially explosive situations. But of course that series, in Swiss-German, can only feature a very limited number of people. Not so on social media. This year, the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad celebrated its centennial – a great excuse to launch our Instagram account #WeAreSwissAbroad. What’s your emigration story? Did you do it for love? Was it an entrepreneurial risk? Even if your new home isn’t as spectacular as the Canadian wilderness, we’re sure that your new life in a foreign country is an adventure. So share it with us! Label your Instagram photos and videos with the hashtag #WeAreSwissAbroad, and why not subscribe to our Instagram account while you’re at it?

Swiss predict budget surplus thanks to negative interest rates

Negative interest rates across Europe have alarmed savers and created topsy-turvy financial markets. For the Swiss federal government they have created an embarrassment of riches. Bern yesterday reported it would this year run an unexpected CHF2.2 billion ($2.21 billion) budget surplus as a result of Swiss taxpayers rushing to settle their bills early and investors in Swiss bonds paying to lend money to the government.  The government had previously forecast a small deficit.  While the Swiss are known for their orderliness and punctuality, the revelation nevertheless highlights the perverse effects of negative interest rates set by European central bankers to shore up economies. Rather than pay charges for keeping cash in bank accounts, Swiss companies in particular have preferred to hand it over to the government, which until recently offered bonuses for early tax payments. “People will probably laugh at the situation in Switzerland, where everyone is rushing ...


Short facts about us

The Association of Credit Management Switzerland counts more than 400 members and interested persons. We put our main efforts in building networks and exchanging knowledge between Credit Managers in Switzerland and beyond.


Currently there is a team of Credit Managers working on following projects :

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